Miron Zownir

Miron Zownir (born 1953 in Karlsruhe, Federal Republic of Germany) has been working as an author, filmmaker, and photographer since the eighties. His social documentary photographs of the underground scenes in Berlin and New York garnered much attention. Since the mid-nineties, he has been focused on hardships endured in the former real socialist countries in eastern Europe. Zownir has published numerous books of photographs and exhibited in, among others, Berlin, The Hague, and London. In 2008 his images were shown at Fotomuseum Winterthur in two noteworthy group exhibitions: “Darkside I” and “Darkside II”. As a Robert Bosch Foundation fellow he travelled around Ukraine from 2012 to 2014. With the photographs he made there, he took part in the 2015 Kyiv Biennial. In 2016 Deichtorhallen in Hamburg honoured him with a solo exhibition. He visited the refugee camp in Calais in 2015; his photographs changed, becoming more distant and more cautious. His most recent books of photographs are Ukrainian Night and Romanian Raw. Miron Zownir lives and works in Berlin.


Romania Raw
Ukrainian Night
New York City Rest In Peace
Down and out in Moscow
Berlin Noire
London seven eight

Miron Zownir’s London is strange and dark, but it isn’t cruel. In 1978 and 1980 his subjects still appear to have time and room to roam beyond the primacy of wage labour. The city is populated with laid-back old people, Berbers, various immigrant groups, and punks. It can still accommodate them all. The space that Zownir captured in his images is plentiful and vast. On their cemetery benches and in their grassy parks, their courtyards and cafés, the people who happen to cross the young photographer’s path seem at home. The darkness creeping into these open spaces seems to indicate that we are on the threshold to Thatcher’s neoliberal Great Britain.

These fifty-one photographs belong to the earliest works by this photographer, who in subsequent decades would become famous for his distinctively sensitive treatment of people who live on the edges of society in Berlin, New York, Moscow, Kyiv, and Bucharest. History is always written by the victors and it is their portraits that they carry with them out into the world to promote their views. Zownir and his camera merely happen to encounter the figures he captures, but he is also the one to salvage their image.



Ukrainian Night, Weserburg - Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen
Ukrainian Night, Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen
Berlin/New York, Turm zur Katz, Konstanz

london seven eight, Galerie K', Bremen
Zeitwirdknapp. Retrospektive 1977–2019, Centro Internazionale di Fotografia, Palermo, Italy
Romania Raw, Goethe-Institut Bukarest, Romania
Romania Raw, Galerie Boderline Art Space, Romania

Romania Raw, Muzeul de Arta Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Wolfgang Schulz und die Fotoszene um 1980, Museum für Fotografie, Berlin
Berlin, 1945–2000: A Photographic Subject, Reinbeckhallen, Berlin

Urban Landscapes, Galerie Bene Taschen, Cologne
Romania Raw, Galerie pavlov’s dog, Berlin
Wolfgang Schulz und die Fotoszene um 1980, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg

EUROPEN MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Brotfabrik Galerie, Berlin

ART PHOTO BUDAPEST, Galerie Koppelmann, Budapest, Hungary
Tales From The Other Side, Interzone Galleria, Rom, Italy
ART BERLIN, Galerie Bene Taschen, Berlin
Galerie Bene Taschen, Cologne

Hof 5, Zurich, Switzerland
Ken Schles, Jefrey Silverthorne, Miron Zownir, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
Hardhitta Gallery, Cologne
Ukranian Night, Kunstwerk Nippes, Cologne
International Elias Canetti Society, Ruse, Bulgaria

Ukranian Night, Galerie K', Bremen
Ukranian Night, Visual Culture Research Center, Kiev, Ukraine
Urban Maze, Georgian National Museum of Fine Arts, Tiflis, Georgia

Photography from 1978 - 2013, Hardhitta Gallery, Cologne

Your Daily Darkness, Neurotitan, Berlin
Miron Zownir Fotografie 1978 - 2011, Reception, Frankfurt am Main
Offene Wunden - Bilder aus dem freien Osteuropa, Galerie K', Bremen

barefaced, Kunstwerk Nippes, Cologne
Okraina, Visual Culture Research Center, Kiev, Ukraine
Twilight Zone, Galerie Emmanuel Post, Berlin

Visual Culture Research Center, Kiev, Ukraine
Radical Eye, Fotogalleriet [format], Malmö, Sweden
The Valley Of The Shadow, MOPIA, Zürich, Switzerland
The Valley Of The Shadow, Galerie Emmanuel Post, Leipzig

Slick Art Fair , Jas Gallery, Paris, France
Goethe Institut /Red House, Sofia, Bulgaria
Are You Coming Too?, Knoth & Krüger, Berlin

Darkside II – Fotografic power and violance, disease and death photographed, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
Bongout Gallery, Berlin

Darkside I – Fotografic desire and sexuality photographed, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
Miron Zownir, MOPIA, Zürich, Switzerland
Fotografie mit Tiefenwirkung, Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main
Radical Eye, Galerie Emmanuel Post, Leipzig
Stark - Berlin Fashion Week, Umspannwerk Humboldt, Berlin

Radical Eye, The Horse Hospital, London, England

Galerie Knoth & Krüger, Berlin

Galerie Reimann Le Bègue, Düsseldorf

Galerie Loyal, Kassel
Kulturverein Kinski, Berlin

Büro für Fotos, Cologne

Juliettes Literatursalon, Berlin
Künstlerhaus, Dortmund
TV- Gallery, Moskau, Russia
Kunstamt Mitte, Berlin

Studio Bildende Kunst, Berlin
VKK, Hannover

Tresor, Berlin

Erotik Art Museum, Hamburg
Endart Galerie, Berlin

Studio Bildende Kunst, Berlin
VKK, Hannover

Villa, Ochtrup

Gotham Fine Arts, New York, USA
März- Ausstellungen, Cologne

Grauwert Galerie, Hamburg

Galerie Apex, Göttingen

CNA Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Ambush Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Neikrug Gallery, New York, USA
Danceteria, New York, USA

Galerie Nagel, West Berlin


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