Arne Schmitt

21.10.2022 –

The Common Good

In his photographic works, Arne Schmitt deals with architecture and urban development. Central to his observations are the historical and societal entanglements of these spheres. Schmitt dissects both urban spaces and historical material, whether accidentally discovered or specifically sought out. His work is predominantly site specific. In his new work, he deals with a political topic that is as ubiquitous as it is abstract, namely, taxes. Concretely, he casts his attention on the city Monheim am Rhein, which radically reduced taxes on businesses and thus managed to free itself of a mountain of postindustrial-age debt. The city, led by a young mayor, can now invest in infrastructure, increase social spending, focus on digitalization and sustainability, and – in short – pursue all the current issues that local governments everywhere have on their agendas, although most do not have the funds to do so. A combination of videos, photographs, and texts attempt to offer up for debate the relations between common goods and particular (tax) policy decisions.

The exhibition can be viewed in the rooms at Weberstraße 51a; visitors will first be received at Galerie K', Alexanderstraße 9b during opening hours. Appointments can also be made at

Trailer for the exhibition | 2022 | 2:42