Die Bücher der Künstler/innen

24.03.2023 –

With works by Arne Schmitt, Eiko Grimberg, Die Tödliche Doris, Francisco Valença Vaz, Hannah Regenberg, Hybriden Verlag, Maria Visser, Miron Zownir, Suse Fischer, Tabea Blumenschein, Thomas Hartmann, Wolfgang Müller

Opening: 24.3. | 19:00

Since its foundation 10 years ago, the artistic program of Galerie K' has had a strong focus on content. Questions of social mediation, of production relations, historiography, and knowledge production play an extraordinary role. Thus it is not surprising that books are of central importance for many of the artists represented here. Some deal with the medium in their work, for some the publishing practice itself represents an important part of their work. The exhibition now brings together various artistic approaches to the medium of the book - real books are on display alongside the painting of Thomas Hartmann and the photography of Arne Schmitt and Eiko Grimberg. On display are unique copies and elaborate small editions, which may be leafed through as an exception. In addition to unique volumes of paintings by Thomas Hartmann, graphic books by Francisco Valença Vaz and Hannah Regenberg, bound collections of materials by Wolfgang Müller, and textile books by Maria Visser, photography books by Arne Schmitt, Miron Zownir, and Suse Fischer are on display. One focus is the publications of the Berlin-based Hybriden Verlag, which features volumes by Deadly Doris and Tabea Blumenschein.