im Interim

07.07.2023 –

Achim Bertenburg, Arne Schmitt, Christian Haake, Eiko Grimberg, Michaela Melián, Sibylle Springer, Thomas Hartmann

Opening 7.7. | 19:00

The exhibition brings together prints by several of the gallery's artists in which a cultural overwriting of landscapes takes place. 
In fact, perhaps every form of captured landscape is subject to such an overwriting. Arne Schmitt has made two photographs of basalt mountains, one of a rock face, the other of stone built into a staircase. Mere nature is not to be seen in the first photograph either, for the rock that tourists marvel at as rock is already being quarried for further processing. Sibylle Springer's black paper drawing of the Old Testament Babel and Thomas Hartmann's woodcut of the city of Paris on the Seine show even these man-made structures as something abstract, as an accumulation of short lines. Completely removed from the natural sphere is Michaela Melián's starry sky, which glows as an electrified Eurovision wreath.

Documentation: Benjamin Schlemmer