Sibylle Springer

08.04.2021 –

The exhibition is shown in the additional gallery space in Weberstraße 51a.

Viewing only by appointment:
0421 161 426 92 or

The new series of works by Sibylle Springer revolves around poisonous and deadly plants that can also act as cures when administered in small doses. Like other phenomena, these plants have always had more than one side to them; sometimes they conceal their negative and dangerous essence beneath a charming and enchantingly beautiful surface. They share this in common with painting, which has always preferred to cover the most terrible situations and events beneath beautiful and seductive surfaces. When marveling at the Last Judgement so beautifully painted by Michelangelo or Rubens, we are only too glad to look past the gruesome scenes of torture playing out before our very eyes. It is no accident then that Springer has often drawn ideas from the rich reservoir of classical art – for example, from Titian, Bernini, or Hans Baldung Grien. The universally acknowledged value and beauty of these works, combined with their historical distance that removes them from the zeitgeist and hence current personal, sometimes all too banal and human associations, makes them the ideal surface for all manner of projections regarding reuse and reevaluation.

Frank Schmidt, 2020