Walk the Line

04.11.2023 –

Opening: 4.11. | 18h 

In Walk the Line, Anne Moder and Wiebke Mertens deal with connection and leadership.The paintings by Wiebke Mertens depict the bodies of the two artists and relate them to each other. They hold and support each other, demand and give attention. Anne Moder installs a fragile guidance system made of handrails in the room that leads to nowhere, lets people run in front of the wall and perhaps also holds them. A familiar game.

Anne Moder aka ATMO (*1983, Potsdam), works as a freelance artist/ musician in Bremen and is a member of the bands Spröde Lippen, Ufer and Ton Steine Verden. Her* way of working is interdisciplinary and involves different techniques and genres. She finished her studies at the HfK in Bremen as a master student in the class of Katrin von Maltzahn. 

Wiebke Mertens (*1997, Suhl) figurative pictures deal with the staging of bodies. They make speculations and presumptions about the persons depicted. Her paintings are dealing with the dynamics of bodies in their mutual exchange and think about their veiling and exposure. In the summer Wiebke Mertens completed her fine arts studies at the HfK Bremen and is now a master student of Katrin von Maltzahn.

Both artists live and work in Bremen. In December 2021, together with Sophie Meurer, they founded the artists' group KG REISZEN.